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More than 15 years of experience

Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps was founded in 2002 as a pioneering company in Spain in its offering of combined Sports & Language courses, as the only International Camp welcoming children from other countries and always  promoting human values.

With more than 15 years of experience and in our constant desire to keep innovating and providing what society demands, we design unique programs with an important added value, for kids, teens and adults.

Our extensive experience, the methodology and content of our programs and the recognized prestige of our professionals, positions us as leaders in the ranking of International Summer Camps in Spain.

Located in a unique and incomparably beautiful setting in the South Spain, Sotogrande Camps is the idyllic place for our boarding or day campers to enjoy an unforgettable experience, even as they acquire vital knowledge for their personal and social development, as they learn another language in an effective and different way.


International Summer Camp

What sets us apart


The camp’s facilities are located in the most prestigious residential area in Spain, Sotogrande, the largest privately owned residential development in Andalusia.

Our central facilities boast a unique setting and top-rate infrastructure.


Always in constant innovation designing unique programs, essential nowadays, swith a unique methodology to learn effectively through fun activities, obtain different degrees, academic credits and added value to the CV.


Tailored programs specialized in addressing our children and teenagers needs and society demands.

We are committed to programs that yield immediate results, rather than more conventional classes multi-sport or multi-activity.


A unique opportunity to experience an international atmosphere featuring participation both by Spanish young people and  of different nationalities.


Aware of the need for and the importance of values as a guide for daily behavior, we help children in their development by fomenting the integration of young people with different capacities.


Our extensive experience, the methodology and content of our programs and the recognized prestige of our professionals, positions us as leaders in the ranking of International Summer Camps in Spain.


Under the direction of recognized professionals, a group of native and bilingual teachers are brought together to assure the smooth operation of all activities, as well as other important educational aspects, such as discipline, friendship and teamwork.

All of them exhibit deep affection for and a commitment to protecting the children under their charge. They are screened for their pedagogical passion and their athletic and artistic abilities, qualified to deliver safe, educational and enriching experiences.

Our priority is paying close attention to and ensuring our students’ safety.

We guarantee constant supervision by experienced, carefully trained staff; our 1:6 counsellor-to-student ratio guarantees safety and customized attention.

Talent Academy : Sotogrande Camps


Every program – both academic and non-academic – is led by native, bilingual, highly-qualified, dynamic and professional teachers.

We work together  with great institutions, referents in their sector, to achieve a common objective: students enjoying an unforgettable experience while acquiring new knowledge and practicing the language in a way that is effective and different.



Learning values through football.

The Real Madrid Foundation is the instrument by which Real Madrid is present in society and develops its social and cultural awareness programmes.

By training under the supervision of Real Madrid Foundation coaches, boys and girls will have the chance to experience life as part of a team and share the true values of “Madridismo”.

Its main objective is to promote, both in Spain as well as abroad, the values inherent in sport, and the latter’s role as an educational tool capable of contributing to the comprehensive development of the personality of those who practice it.



This renown Cooking School counts with 30 years of experience, the recognition of more than 15.000 disciples and is positioned as one of the best Spanish Cooking School in our country.

“Cooking is the best way to make  a family and friends, to share, give to others, grow, listen, learn, enjoy, work, tidy up and untidy, and above all, the kindest way to make others happy.”

Sesé San Martín
Founder of ECT


Un ejemplo para todos


Conscientes de la necesidad y la importancia de los valores como guía para el comportamiento diario; ayudamos a los niños en su formación como personas fomentando la integración de niños con capacidades distintas.


Aplicamos la formación de la Fundación Real Madrid a través de un programa deportivo y de convivencia, que servirá como excelente medio conductor de valores como el compañerismo, la igualdad, la tolerancia y el trabajo en equipo.

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