Lord Robert Baden – Powell, Founder's of Scouts.

When we are parents we eager that our children grow healthy and happy. But we also want them to become useful and stable individuals aware of their own potential. Helping a boy to learn the value of his own worth is the greatest gift we can give him. Essential life skills and values will help your child better cope in the world and grow into a responsible, respectful and valuable member of society.

The objective of the EDUCATING IN VALUES program is to promote the kids physical, personal and human development. Discovering and strengthening their abilities , showing them how to help and be keen in contributing with their own talents to help other people and furnishing them with new knowledge through useful and constructive activities whilst learning another language in a different and effective way.

Scouting is a school for civicism through nature to develop and use their potential. Baden-Powell showed the world the real human values - physical and moral - of the individual and taught the scouts how to gain and preserve them. Scout movement has ideals of spiritual and character growth, citizenship training, and personal fitness.

We combine the intensive practice of sport, where they will learn new values and the importance of a healthy life, with a Scouting program aimed to discover, develop and use their potential and abilities to improve their environment.

Surrounded by nature and as real Scouts, they will learn to develop their imagination, to be sensitive with their environment and their mates, face and solve new challenges, as they absorb expressions and vocabulary in another language.

  • AM: Intensive sports lessons in the mornings.
  • PM: Personal training - Scouting.
  • Spanish for foreigners and English language.

Lovely surroundings

The camp's facilities are located in one of the most prestigious residential areas in southern Spain.

The complex is widely considered one of Europe's premier resorts, boasting first-rate infrastructures and facilities for the organization and execution of all our sports, entertainment and maritime activities.

Surrounded by nature and in the heart of Sotogrande, faithful to and in accord with the traditional style of American camps, students both young and older are lodged in independent buildings, at “La Alcaidesa Headquarters” in Sotogrande.


Accompanied by the Course Director and his team's professionals, students play at the NH Almenara Golf Course, which boasts 27 holes and up to three different 18-hole routes, so that each round poses a new challenge for golfers.

Tennis & Padel

The « Sotogrande Racquet Centre », located at the Beach Club, offers multiple professional courts and different surfaces for the practice of both sports.


The Realmadrid Foundation will oversee the Football Course through which, in addition to enjoying the kind of experience that this great Club can offer, participants will develop all their abilities as they come to realize the importance of integration.

The football course will be held in professional facilities and training programs on the beach.

Horse Riding

Sotogrande Equestrian Club, which is located in Old Valderrama Cortijo, includes facilities for practicing all sorts of horse disciplines (dressage, jumping, hacks, pony club track), with state-of-the-art tracks for jumping and dressage, indoor & outdoor tracks at the pony club, ropes course, scrubland for raid and hacks. Everything is in a natural environment that favors horse relaxation and boosts our enjoyment, with views of the sea and the scrubland.


Sotogrande Marina is a stunning venue for sailing lovers. The excitement for the sea sports and Sotogrande have developed as one over the years with a 40-catamarans fleet.