We are studying different options for this years Volunteer Program and we will make this information available soon.

If you are interested send us an email and we will contact you when we have the full program.


Because everyone has something sensational to offer!

More and more parents are looking for voluntary service activities for their children as a way to expose them to realities different from their own and instil in them values like solidarity and a commitment to improving the world they live in.

The benefits for young peopleof participating in such charitable efforts are undeniable: they learn a sense of responsibility, the importance of active participation in society, determination, and commitment.

The training enriches volunteers by helping them to discover their potential, to feel useful and important. It bolsters their degrees of motivation, their interest in this kind of activity, and the gratification they derive from it.

In the pursuit of these goals the "The Volun-Teen Academy” was created, featuring the only bilingual course combining a Volunteer Training program with an Internship at an NGO.

In addition to enjoying a unique experience, participants will greatly benefit in a range of ways:

  • Training in voluntary service.
  • The satisfaction of making a difference in society.
  • Discovering other countries and cultures.
  • Earning credits towards university.
  • Valuable resume content.
  • Practicing and improving one's language skills through the Bilingual Training and Internship Program.
  • A safe experience in a nearby country.