Kids Spanish Summer Camp 2020 – Sotogrande Camps

A Kids Spanish Summer Camp provides a world class summer experience for kids from all over the world eager to have fun, learn and practice another language, develop their creativity, experience challenges and grow as individuals throughout their time at camp.

Our international summer camp provides a wonderful opportunity for kids ages 6 to 11, to learn Spanish in Spain, make friends from around the world, and have the summer of a lifetime!

Each program offers a unique learning environment where campers enjoy a well-balanced mix of
academics and fun.
Sports + Language + Education + Values + Fun

Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps has designed and exciting program for all children to spend a great summer! In a safe and unique environment by the sea, they will practice their favorite sport, discover new skills and learn another language in a fun and different way.

An unforgettable experience that combines the best of sports with an innovative Bilingual Program, specially designed for these ages, based on learning and developing day a day fundamental skills. Fostering their creativity and developing their skills, we help them to grow confident and self-sufficient. A unique and formative experience to encourage everything they are able to do, while having fun and learning a different language.

The best time to enjoy, learn and make new friends:

  • Practicing their favorite sport progressing in a few days, wasting energy and promoting the values of sports. Golf – Tennis – Riding – Water Sports – Football (Real Madrid FC)
  • Discovering everything they are able to do by implementing overcoming and teamwork.
  • Learning and practicing another language in a fun and different way in a completely international environment.

Learning, at these ages, is constant and dynamic; the more opportunities children have to put their skills into practice, the greater their knowledge. Teaching children basic skills for their age, through everyday activities, is not only fun while practicing them, but also fosters their personal growth and self-confidence. are just some of the skills students will develop along the road to self-discovery.
With this training program full of experiences and creativity, they will learn endless new things that they can put into practice at all times. From preparing their suitcase, learning to read a recipe and taking their first steps in the kitchen, getting to know the real benefits of exercise, reading a map and even basic first aid concepts.

If you are serious about your children advancing their Spanish speaking and comprehension skills, our Summer Camp full immersion course will give you the results you want. All while enjoying life in a beautiful small Spanish village, Spanish culture and food, and conversing with/listening to native speakers.

New international friends, lots of fun, unique and enriching experience guarantied
Live with us the best Spanish summer experience ever.