The best Spanish language immersion | Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps

Would you like to live the best Spanish language immersion and improve your listening and communication skills and improve your fluency, while learning about Spain and its culture in real-life context?

At Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps, kids and teens will immerse in the Spanish language, culture and way of life together with other children of their same ages.

We provide a world class summer experience for kids and teens from all over the world eager to have fun, learn and practice another language, develop their creativity, experience challenges and grow as individuals throughout their time at camp.


Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps

Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps, with 18 years of fulfilled trajectory and in our constant desire to keep innovating and providing what society demands, we design unique programs with an important added value, for kids, teens and adults of all nationalities.

Our extensive experience, the methodology and content of our programs and the recognized prestige of our professionals, positions us as leaders in the ranking of International Summer Camps in Spain.

Located in a unique and incomparably beautiful setting in the South Spain, Sotogrande Camps is the idyllic place for our boarding or day campers to enjoy an unforgettable experience, even as they acquire vital knowledge for their personal and social development, as they learn another language in an effective and different way.

Year after year hundreds of children and teenagers from all over the globe have come to our summer camp looking for a healthy, formative and fun summer where learning languages, practicing sports and increasing awareness of their skills and world cultures, enrich each student in a natural, healthy and continuous way. This personal enrichment and development is due to a modern and enjoyable program that is revised each year by our team of educators and counselors.

If you are serious about your children advancing their Spanish speaking and comprehension skills, our Summer Camp full immersion course will give you the results you want. All while enjoying life in a beautiful small Spanish village, Spanish culture and food, and conversing with/listening to native speakers.

New international friends, lots of fun, unique and enriching experience guarantied.

Live with us the best Spanish summer experience ever.