Do you want to know which are the Best Summer Camps in Spain?

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As parents, when choosing the best summer camp for our children, what we look for is that in addition to having a great time and make new friends, we want them to learn and live new and different experiences in a safe environment and under the care and supervision of qualified professionals.

Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps, is recognized as one of the Best Summer Camps in Spain with programs for all ages, located in a beautiful and exclusive sunny area in the south of Spain.

Year after year hundreds of children and teenagers from all over the globe have come to this summer camp looking for a healthy, formative and fun summer where learning languages, practicing sports and increasing awareness of their skills and world cultures, enrich each student in a natural, healthy and continuous way. This personal enrichment and development is due to modern and enjoyable programs that are every year revised by their team of educators and counsellors.

Always keeping in mind the different age groups and the most up-to-date educational trends, their team strive to create a nurturing environment in which participants can learn languages, increase cultural awareness and build lasting relationships.


What sets them apart?

  • The best selection and combination of contents, useful and necessary for their physical, personal and social development.
  • For all ages because each age is different: physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • International & Cultural experience, a unique opportunity to learn and practice another language,
    and experience an international atmosphere.
  • Intensive and specialized programs with immediate results where young teenagers can also gain experiences that improve their CVs and university applications.
  • Attentive and personalised attention assuring constant supervision and attention.
  • A safe and exclusive setting with first-rate facilities, close to the beach and surrounded by nature.

Their extensive experience, the methodology and content of their programs and the recognized prestige of their professionals, positions them as leaders in the ranking of Summer Camps in Spain.


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