Riding and language immersion at a beautiful and exclusive sunny area in Andalusía

Riding Camp in the South of Spain. A full immersion into the world of horses, Spanish language and culture, in a spectacular and exclusive setting near the beach!

Andalusia is one of the leading global reference points for all things associated with the world of horses and is home to excellent breeds. Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps, is recognized as one of the best sports and language summer camps in Spain with programs for all ages.

Come and indulge your passion for horses in our riding camp, acquire new skills and learn Spanish in an exceptional setting.
Dressage, jumping, cross-country and natural horsemanship will be the main riding disciplines that we teach.

Immersion is the best way to learn a language and the foreign campers will get the opportunity to live and learn Spanish while doing the sport they love. They will be able to learn naturally by using the language in all of their daily activities and they will receive two hours of Spanish lessons a day, taught by qualified and experienced teachers.
Each program offers a unique learning environment where campers enjoy a well-balanced mix of academics and fun.

Sports + Language + Training + Education + Values + Fun

We provide a world class summer experience for kids and teens from all over the world eager to have fun, learn and practice another language, develop their creativity, experience challenges and grow as individuals throughout their time at camp.

LITTLE KIDS… BIG SKILLS!!! (ages 6 – 11)

Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps has designed and exciting program for all children to spend a great summer! In a safe and unique environment by the sea, they will practice their favorite sport, discover new skills and learn another language in a fun and different way.

An unforgettable experience that combines the best of sports with an innovative Bilingual Program, specially designed for these ages, based on learning and developing day a day fundamental skills. Fostering their creativity and developing their skills, we help them to grow confident and self-sufficient. A unique and formative experience to encourage everything they are able to do, while having fun and learning a different language.

The best time to enjoy, learn and make new friends:

  • Practicing their favorite sport progressing in a few days, wasting energy and promoting the values of sports.
  • Discovering everything they are able to do by implementing overcoming and teamwork.
  • Learning and practicing another language in a fun and different way in a completely international environment.

SKILLS IN ACTION (ages 12 – 16)

An experience, an attitude and lots of abilities every teenager should know!
The emotional, cognitive and social development of our teens, as well as their attitude towards life, is necessary and fundamental for their full performance of their skills. “Skills in Action” is an innovative training program, specially designed for teenagers ages 12 to 16, that combines the practice and values of sports with a Language Program based on Life Skills development and practice.

Abilities not learned in textbooks, that enrich and enable them to grow; with new challenges, creativity without limits and big doses of fun.A complete learning for their personal, social and academic life!

  • Playing their favorite sport progressing in a few days, wasting energy and fostering ports values.
  • Learning and working on essential practical and personal skills.
  • Practicing another language in a fun and different way in a completely international environment.


Come and enjoy Sotogrande Camps – Riding Camp in the South of Spain

New international friends, lots of fun, unique and enriching experience guarantied