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Summer Camp Training and Certification

A great experience that maximizes your skills. A camp job can prepare young adults for many challenges in life, including how to budget time and money, how to deal with all types of people, and how to become a stronger leader. Business executives often note that experience as a camp counsellor translates into excellent management and personnel skills. Regardless of the college major, camp experiences allow students to learn and develop skills that will enhance job marketability.

The value of the camp staff experience, positive outcomes focused on relationships with other staff and campers, appreciation of diversity, teamwork, role modeling/mentoring, technical and administrative skill development, and interpersonal skills.

Counselor Certification

Being a camp counselor means being a role model for children, spending time outdoors, enjoying fun activities, building great friendships, and literally having fun on the job. Those are a few easy reasons why you should want to be a camp counselor.

But first you need a Counselor Certification! If you are over 16 years old you can now obtain your Certification in only two weeks!!!

Talent Academy SOTOGRANDE CAMPS is the only summer camp in Spain that, in only two weeks, offers you this course that leads to a widely-recognized “Youth Activities Counsellor” certificate, allowing one to work as a Leisure and Free Time counsellor.

A training experience that is fun, enjoyable and enriching, providing participants with valuable work credentials. Not only do students learn to be good counsellors, but also acquire a sense of responsibility and valuable abilities for their futures.

  • The possibility of completing the theoretical-practice phase necessary for the certification in just a single course.
  • Earn credits towards university.
  • Valuable additions to one’s resume.
  • Reinforcing and practicing another language.
  • Great employment prospects.

The best way to take advantage of your holidays to keep up training, practicing another language and obtaining a new certification that will give you credits towards university and valuable additions to your resume.

The program combines theory and practice in a single phase and you will also enjoy different activities in the unique environment of Sotogrande.